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The Importance Of The Morning Ritual

Most people have a love/hate relationship with mornings. We love it when we feel we are in control of how it will go (i.e., sleeping in) and hate it when the mornings are dictated for us (i.e., alarm clock reminding us to get up for work). What if it were possible to be happy and content EVERY morning, even when what lies ahead for us in the day is not in our control?

That feeling, impossible as it may seem, is actually 100% possible. How? With one simple process: The Morning Ritual.

In a sense, you already have a ritual each morning without even realizing it. You get up, put your feet on the floor, and begin the day. But it’s what happens after that point that can really determine just how your day goes, and whether or not you’re on the right path to achieving mindset maintenance to help with your unicorn mindset.

One great way of achieving mindset maintenance is to have a morning ritual that you engage in every day.

Think about it this way. If you walked over to your car, sat on the hood and expected it to start moving & taking you where you needed to be, you wouldn’t get very far. You have to open the door, sit down, put on your seat belt, start the ignition and at that point, you are ready to put your foot on the accelerator and go. Your morning ritual is the same thing. Those first few moments of your day can determine not just how your day will evolve, but also your days ahead.

When I’m getting started to my day, there are two things that I do regularly during my morning ritual: I hit the mat for 30 minutes of yoga and mindfulness meditation/reflection. And while taking a shower, I powerfully recite the “Hero’s Creed":

“Now I am the VOICE

I LEAD, not follow

I BELIEVE, not doubt

I CREATE, not destroy

I am a FORCE for GOOD




Step-UP Step-UP Step-UP”

Here are some ideas for morning rituals that will help you get started with your mindset maintenance and unicorn mindset:

  • Deep breathing/meditation

  • Yoga / stretch

  • Light exercise

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Reading a newspaper

  • Making your bed (Always make your bed!!...more about that in a future post)

  • Listening to music

  • Making a quick journal entry

  • Give yourself 15 minutes of “screen free” time

What are some of your favorite morning rituals? Hop over to my Facebook or Instagram page and let me know!

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